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James P. McHugh
(913) 663-3000
4707 College Boulevard
Leawood, KS
Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Psychotherapy, Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, Mood Disorder (e.g., depression, manic-depressive disorder), Anxiety Disorder (e.g., generalized anxiety, phobia, panic or obsessive-compulsive disorder)
Ages Served
Adults (18-64 yrs.)
Adolescents (13-17 yrs.)
Older adults (65 yrs. or older)
Education Info
Doctoral Program: University of Arizona
Credentialed Since: 1978-10-16

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Horine James
(816) 931-9912
411 Nichols Rd
Kansas City, MO
Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Professional, Psychologist

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Carol Henderson, CH,New Day Hypnotherapy, LLC
(913) 908-6907
6811 Shawnee Mission Parkway,Suite 315
Overland Park, KS
EFT / TFT, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression, TAT

Holistic Hypnosis
(417) 223-7536
407 E 8th St
Pineville, MO

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Spirit Winds Counseling Center
(573) 346-2977
123 Hudson St
Camdenton, MO

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Peters Jay
(913) 339-9591
8700 Indian Creek Pkwy
Overland Park, KS

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Ronald D. McNish
(913) 831-2550
Johnson Cnty Mental Hlth Ctr
Mission, KS
Individual Psychotherapy, Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, Adjustment Disorder (e.g., bereavement, acad, job, mar, or fam prob), Stress Management or Pain Management
Education Info
Doctoral Program: University at Buffalo/SUNY
Credentialed Since: 1977-11-30

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Harley Sears
(816) 714-8485
4010 Washington
Kansas City, MO
Harley Sears Hypnosis Center

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Wellness Center
(660) 269-3060
1515 Union Ave
Moberly, MO
Hypnotherapist, Massage Practitioner

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Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care
(417) 267-4625
5607 South 222nd Road
Fair Grove, MO
Energy Medicine, Wellness Training, Stress Management, Spiritual Attunement, Preventive Medicine, Music Therapy, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Endocrinology, Art Therapy
Membership Organizations
American Holistic Medical Association

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Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy Minimizes Hot Flashes

Written by Administrator   

A new Baylor University study shows hypnotic relaxation therapy can decrease the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women. Interference from hot flashes, like loss of sleep and social interaction difficulties, also significantly decreased in the majority of women who received hypnosis.

With an estimated 85 percent of women experiencing hot flashes as they approach menopause, finding effective non-medication treatment is vitally important. A new Baylor University study shows hypnotic relaxation therapy can decrease the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women. Interference from hot flashes, like loss of sleep and social interaction difficulties, also significantly decreased in the majority of women who received hypnosis.

The research was published online this week in The Journal of Clinical Oncology.

"This study validates that this type of treatment is effective in decreasing hot flashes," said Dr. Gary Elkins, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor and a lead investigator on the project. "There is a real need to study emerging mind-body interactions to treating these ailments because many times medications are not an option."

In the study, 26 women who are breast cancer survivors received hypnotic relaxation therapy and were compared to 25 other breast cancer survivors who did not receive treatment. The women who received hypnosis reported a 68 percent decrease in hot flashes. Anxiety , depression and insomnia also decreased.

Breast cancer survivors were chosen because the medications that are given to these women to help prevent the reoccurrence of breast cancer often times cause them to go into menopause in a matter of days. Furthermore, hormone replacement therapy is not an option because of an increased risk of breast cancer recurrence associated with hormone therapy, thus creating a need for alternative mind-body treatments.

Based on the results of this study, Elkins has received a $2.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health for a much broader study that will significantly increase the scope and number of patients participating. The grant is the largest ever awarded by NIH for this type of research.

The new study will enlist 180 post-menopausal women who entered menopause naturally and are experiencing hot flashes. Half of the patients will receive hypnotic treatment while the ...

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