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Black Bear Golf Course
(218) 878-7400
I-35 & Hwy 210
Duluth, MN
Impact Golfs
(218) 727-7003
2132 W 2nd St
Duluth, MN
Nevada Bob's
(218) 722-3909
2510 Maple Grove Rd
Duluth, MN
Ridgeview Country Club Golf Shop
(218) 728-3285
700 W Redwing St
Duluth, MN
Brookfield Golf Galaxy
(262) 786-2660
19030 W Bluemound Rd
Brookfield, WI
Custom Club Fitting,Full Service Club Repair,Book a Tee Time,Book a PGA Lesson,Pre-Owned Club Program,Club-Trade In Program
Store Hours
Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 9:00pm,Sat: 9:00am - 9:00pm,Sun: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Golf Pro
Golf Pro : Mark Voeller
Turned Professional : 1994
Teaching Principles : My goal is to make my students better players. This entails working with each student to assess his or her goals and setting a plan as how to improve all aspects of their game, both physical and mental. This is done through simple techniques and drills, focusing on the fundamentals, to allow the student to become a better player and have fun playing the game.

Golf Club Workshop
(218) 720-4653
2711 W Superior St
Duluth, MN
Impact Golf
(218) 727-7003
2132 W 2nd St
Duluth, MN
Nevada Bobs Discount Golf
(218) 727-1610
2510 Maple Grove Rd
Duluth, MN
Goal Line Golf And Hockey
(715) 355-1790
1430 Grand Avenue
Schofield, WI
Sports Authority
(262) 860-0900
16220 W. Blue Mound Road
Brookfield, WI
Golf Day Shop, Golf Hitting Cage, Golf Trade-In Program, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Delivery & Assembly
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Strata Tour Ace Reviews | Balls

Today's Best Deals on Strata Equipment

On 2005-04-15, jordan oelrich rated this Strata Tour Ace a 5...(5391)

Purchase: i loved this golf ball. It has unbelievable spin and distance, I hit a drive 210yds with my 7 wood (im 12 years old). The approach that i played after a slightly hooked fairway wood, was the most unbelievable shot ever, i hit 56 degree wedge, 55 yds out and it took one bounce and stopped 2 feet to the pin. I tapped in for par. The price on this ball was 14$ for a sleeve of 3. Pricey.
Pros: i loved the spin it would check up rite away if not spin back. great distance
Cons: just the price and no durability.
Quality: 4-piece ball, syrlin cover

Review Summary: not much just if you buy them try to do it in the cases of 12 cuz it is cheaper.

On 2004-07-23, the Red Pupil rated this Strata Tour Ace a 5...(3926)

Purchase: I bought a doezen of these golf balls for about $40 at golfsmith. Before using these, i was about a 14 handicap, and since switching, i lowered it to a 12. I was looking for a top-of-the-line ball that would give me more control and a bit higher trajectory.
Pros: I love this ball. I've tried many different kinds of balls, including titleist nxt tours, pro v1s, callaway hx red, hx tour, maxfli noodles (which i am not very fond of), and plenty of nikes. Now, i've only tryed the balls listed by buying single sleeves, of finding them in tall-grass areas, i dont go out buying a doezen balls just becasue they look nice. I finally thought i should give top flite a try. I never liked them before because i cant seem to ever put any spin on them. When i tried the tour ace for the first time, off the driver, WHAM! It was huge. This ball flies like an arrow, and has the perfect feel off of any club. It's a little firmer than a nike one, but not noticeably. I like a bit firmer ball anyway. When i took out the 8-iron (first low-iron shot), and hit this ball pin-high, it stuck. And, i mean, i could have landed it in its own divot if i have any more spin. I've been able to control this ball so well out of any situation. I could punch and roll it, and i can even draw/fade it a little around trees/hills. I thought it was cool when i played a fade 5-wood aroud a tree to hit it on the fringe. The ball doesnt require a specific swing speed, nor does it need to be hit solid. If you dont shank it, it will be such a perfect shot, you'll forget that you cant spin and control it like the pros. Trajectory is perfect. No thin/ ballooned shots in a long time. I can now say that i have a consistent trajectory This is the first box of nice, non-wound golf balls, and i think i've made a very good investment.
Cons: nothing to dislike, unless you absolutely adore soft balls.
Quality: Quality is supreme. I dont exactly treat my golf balls like they belong in a trophy case. The first tour ace i had was the only ball i used for the entire round, and i bouce it along the cart path while walking in betwe...

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Strata Tour Professional 90 ( circa 2/2000) Reviews | Balls

Today's Best Deals on Strata Equipment

On 2004-10-27, marcus rated this Strata Tour Professional 90 ( circa 2/2000) a 4...(4700)

Purchase: purchased on e-bay for $12.00 a dozen (n.i.b.)new in box,recieved balls in about a week{ 7 days}The price was right so I bought 4 dozen ($53.00 with shipping and handling)
Pros: I have played Ben hogan "the hawk",Titleist "prov1",strata "pro balata 90",callaway "blue hex"and titleist "professional 100". The ball does not go as far as the strata "pro balta 90" but does not scuff as easy either. Better control off the tee box than the" prov1" and stops on the green like a train wreck.The ball Has a real soft feel when hit on center of club face,so soft you feel nothing and workable if so inclined.
Cons: Does not get as much distance off the tee as I would prefer,but it does however have a real soft feel around the greens,making lag putting a breeze from( 25' feet) and (1'- 2' footers) are money.It Does not track to the hole like a harder constructed ball on putts with a lot of break,but can definitly get the job done.
Quality: 3 piece ball,with soft core and a ionomer middle layer and a zynthane II shell. The ball holds up well if you keep it in play,but hit any foreign object not related to grass ie;tree/cart path/fence or rocks and it's time toss and grab a new one.

Review Summary: great ball,great price and will last a round (18 holes) ...

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Strata Tour Ultimate Reviews | Balls

Today's Best Deals on Strata Equipment

On 2004-02-14, J. Y. Ahn rated this Strata Tour Ultimate a 5...(2833)

Purchase: I purchased a dozen at a golf equipment "superstore" in Myrtle Beach for $28.00
Pros: The Strata Tour Ultimate really performs exceptionally in all the important categories: distance, feel, and spin. This ball just seems to take off with a nice stable trajectory when hit with a driver. For a "soft" ball with great feel and workability, this ball gets plenty of distance, just marginally shorter than the Pro V1. You hear a nice muted click when you hit this ball with a long iron and you can really shape the shot if you need to. Where this ball really shines is off of the short irons and wedges. The Tour Ultimate has one of the softest covers on the market, with a Shore D hardness rating of around 50. There are not many balls out there that will hold a green better than the Tour Ultimate. This ball will take a divot and spin right back. Even on really hard and fast greens, this ball will check up and stop on a dime, allowing you to really attack the pin. In my experience, I find that all solid, non-wound balls, putt extremely well with a stable and consistent line, whether its a two-piece or multilayer ball, and the Tour Ultimate is no exception. If you miss a putt, its because of you, not the ball. Of all the premium tour-quality golf balls out there, I think Strata golf balls are among the best values with performance as good, or exceeding those of other premium balls at at usually a far more reasonable price.
Cons: The only negative about this ball is that the cover durability is not very high at all. Wedges will usually take a bite out of the ball. However, the cover durability for most premium balls are not going to be as good as a rock hard, surlyn covered distance ball. This is just the compromise you have to make for a ball with this type of green-holding spin capability and soft feel.
Quality: This is a four piece, multi-layered golf ball. All the balls were well made with no blemishes, as should be expected with balls in this price range. The printing on the ball is neat with a nice colored logo.

Review Summary: The best bang for the buck among the premium golf balls on the market. This ball will compare favorably with the best out there.

On 2003-08-15, pup rated this Strata Tour Ultimate a 5...(2082)

Purchase: bought this ball from golf show,the man that sold me the dozen said when you try this ball it will be the last ball you will try.
Pros: the distance off the driver is long and also straight,chipping is great and no ball putts like these balls.
Cons: what i do not like is the company does not make these balls anymore. they came out with the strata tour ultimate 2 but the ball is bad. you hit that ball on the green and you will be chipping back to the green as it does not hold the green like the original (tour ultimate ) i have not tried there n...

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